Since graduating from the University of Virginia in 2004 with a B.A. in Music and Philosophy, James has established himself as one of a handful of go-to producers in the country for top-notch A Cappella Production.  He is a published orchestral composer, and can also be found conducting pit orhestras for musicals and playing keyboards and drums in a handful of bands around Charlottesville.  He has composed the score for several short films, commercials, and clips for national TV shows, and has had original music featured on NPR and Bollywood film releases.  He’s done production work for everything from Major Label US Releases to Chinese pop stars, and also worked on the soundtrack for ‘Pitch Perfect’ The Movie.

James lives in Charlottesville with his wife and baby son, and is the proud owner of a highly excellent Chihuahua, widely agreed by clients to be “the only chihuahua I actually like.”

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