What People Are Saying

“In the end, I have to talk about James Gammon for a moment. I listen to a lot of female a cappella. And I listen to a lot of work by various a cappella producers (and the various jobs that that title assumes). Gammon has got to be the best at capturing the female sound and making it meaty, yet feminine at the same time. Granted, he’s got a lot of talent at his disposal by working with the Sils — not to mention that some of the oompf is the result of mastering — but the basic genius belongs solely with him. Girls, get at him.”

– Tekay, from the Recorded A Cappella Review Board

“…producer James Gammon has proven that he will be ready to provide appropriate soundscapes when they come.”

– Malcom Piper, from the Recorded A Cappella Review Board

“The music and the soloists are top priority. The engineering is just as careful and sensitive. The mix is fantastically balanced and every track is crisp and clean.”

– Sean P. Gorecki, from the Recorded A Cappella Review Board

“I hear he’s apparently not too bad at a cappella music, but I still like Kenny G better.”

– James’ Mom


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